Tips to Hiring a Lawyer in Milwaukee WI that Deals With DUI Cases

Tips to Hiring a Lawyer in Milwaukee WI that Deals With DUI Cases

When hiring a Lawyer in Milwaukee WI, clients must know what the lawyer will charge to handle their case. Is it a lump sum or do they charge by the hour? Clients want fixed costs, otherwise known as flat fees. It’s logical. If expert witnesses are needed, who pays for them? Are there any additional costs people should be worried about? How many and what are they? Ask yourself if you can afford counsel. Understand that fees for a DUI lawyer are high but these fees pale in comparison with what it would cost if a driver hired someone that was inexperienced. The fees are high for a reason and each defendant should ask what those reasons are. Does the lawyer offer a payment plan?

Some people ask themselves if they even need a lawyer at all. The answer is simple: Without a lawyer to defend them, many things can result in a lost case. For instance, a person convicted of a DUI can lose their job and their livelihood, along with the revocation of their license, heavy fines and possible jail time. Also, the penalties are different if the client is under 21 or under 18. Abe Lincoln said that “a person who represents himself has a fool for a client”.

No matter who a client is or what they have done, they should look for a lawyer who will fight to protect their rights. A lawyer in Milwaukee WI who tells their client to simply plead guilty or apply for a court-appointed program in order to get the case dismissed should be fired. No attorney should tell you what to do; they should advise you on what to do and what not to do. Even if a person finds a good lawyer, there is no guarantee as to the outcome of the case. However, a reputable lawyer should promise to represent their client to the best of their abilities and do everything possible to reduce fines and stop their client from going to jail or losing his/her license. It is very unlikely that the associated fees will be totally removed, but by hiring a lawyer or attorney they can do their best to reduce the impact. Visit for more details.

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