Getting a Colonoscopy: Is It Necessary?

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Health

If your doctor has recently advised you to have a colonoscopy performed, you may be trying to figure out whether it is something you have to do or not. Although the procedure itself is optional, getting a colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY could potentially save your life. There could be a lot going on inside of your large intestine that you know nothing about right now. If you were to undergo this procedure, a doctor could spot anything unusual and then inform you of the findings.

What You Should Expect

Unfortunately, some people put off getting a colonoscopy because they are afraid of the procedure. A tiny tube is inserted into the rectum so the doctor can adjust it and get into the area of your body where the large intestine is located. It may sound like it is an uncomfortable experience, but the doctor would do everything possible to ensure that you are feeling relaxed while the colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY takes place. You may need to be sedated before the procedure begins. You can talk to the doctor about the different sedation options in advance.

The Length of the Procedure

The procedure normally does not take long. The doctor may finish within 30 minutes or so. However, you cannot expect to leave the office immediately after undergoing this procedure. You may be advised to wait around for a few hours. The wait is recommended because it gives the doctor time to monitor you and make sure you are feeling perfectly fine after the procedure. It is normal to feel some slight abdominal pain for the first few hours.

While the doctor performs the colonoscopy in Brooklyn, NY, he or she will look around for any obvious abnormalities, such as a tumor or internal bleeding. If any of these things are present during the procedure, the doctor would talk to you about the findings and possibly run additional tests before providing an official diagnosis. Visit us online to learn more.

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