Getting to Know The Fish on Your Plate

Looking to expand your seafood horizons or become a local connoisseur of seafood in Cypress, CA? With so many unique flavors and textures to experience in the world of seafood, you’ll definitely want to give all of them a try. Read onward to learn more about the most common kinds of fish you’ll find served, hot and ready, on your plate with a pile of chips.

Pacific Cod

One of the most popular choices for fish and chip dinners (in fact, one of the five most popular fish eaten in the US), Pacific cod are known for the thickness of their fillets, their moisture, and their mild flavor that won’t overwhelm a palette more sensitive to seafood.


A halibut is a flatfish usually prepared and sold as steaks or fillets, similar to Pacific cod. Also like cod, halibut is a lean fish with white meat, although its fillets are a bit firmer than cod. However, don’t let its firmness fool you! Halibut is still extremely tender.


While more often seared than fried, the mahi-mahi (or dolphin fish) is another sustainable fish that makes for a delicious meal. Interestingly, the term “mahi” means “strong” in Hawaiian. The mahi-mahi is known for its characteristic sweetness, which makes it one of the most desired fishes for seafood dishes.

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