Go Green by Installing Electric Hand Dryers in Bathrooms

Now more than ever there is a greater interest in making sure a company is green. In fact the term go green has become part of many major businesses who want to play an active part in saving the planet. One of the best ways to save the planet is by reducing the amount of energy used while still offering modern and convenient services.  Nothing fits the definitions of fast and convenient than electric hand dryers. A lot of businesses have already installed hand dryers to facilitate a healthier environment for colleagues, clients, and customers. If you have not already considered using electric dryers, think about the savings you can enjoy while reducing your carbon imprint on the environment.

Protect, Reduce, and Save Natural Resources

Private and public establishments should all take responsibility for their impact on the environment. Conscientious business owners have already begun replacing paper towels with hand dryers. They are doing their part to protect trees while offering a convenient and Energy-Efficient Way To Dry Hands. Landfills will have less waste, while water supplies and trees are saved with the reduction of paper towels being produced. Not only are you aiding mankind, but you could be eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits. Such credits communicate to the public and private sectors that you care about the environment. LEED requirements include proving that a business is minimizing or eliminating waste removal and purchasing of paper products.

Make Sensible Choices for Your Business

Nothing makes more sense than installing hand dryers that are electric. Independent studies have proven that using hand dryers has reduced waste and is a more sensible choice when it comes to saving the environment and money. If you are unsure whether a hand dryer manufacturer produces dryers that meet current clean environment specifications, check their ratings in the Building Green online guide. You need hand dryers that meet Green Spec standards that include energy conservation, low maintenance, and waste reduction. Restaurants can use the Green Restaurant Associations guide for products to ensure hand dryers meet qualifications that include a power use of 1500 watts or less, and a 15 second dry time or less. Installing high efficiency hand dryers in your place of business is going to show the public that you care about the environment, and that your company takes the necessary steps that will lead to a clean and healthy future.

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