Growing Your Data Center

Success takes people by surprise. Despite diligent planning, constant vigilance, and good governance, almost no entrepreneur is ready for all the needs that get hoisted upon a successful tech company. There’s so much to plan and worry over, but your data center should not be one of them.

LDP Associates in Phoenix AZ has your data center services covered from construction with must-have features that include prefabricated data center models, to power distribution units and an uninterruptible power supply that keeps your data moving.

Stay Cool

Data center cooling design is a huge factor in keeping your facility secure, in terms of both heat causing server malfunctions and cooling expenses.

The waste heat generated by data centers is enough to heat Amazon’s Seattle headquarters. In northern Europe, the excess therms from Yandex’s data center heat the water for 5,000 homes in icy Finland. That’s no small amount of heat, and no matter where a company builds, thermal architecture is one of the top needs for data centers and even for commercial server farms.

Work with Professionals

LDP Associates can design and build any size data center large or small, using prefabricated units with a proven track record. These scalable units allow for easy add-ons without the trauma of trying to migrate the whole data center somewhere else. See what designing with top hardware and software can do for you and your data center.

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