Gunite Pool Maintenance in Nassau County NY for Complete Winterizing Service

by | May 10, 2019 | Swimming Pool Repair & Service

Winterizing an inground pool typically does not require draining it, which is usually avoided because of the risk that the structure will crack or pop up out of the ground without the water weight. Floating can even occur if the property floods in the spring and groundwater levels rise too high. A gunite pool is anchored to the ground, but experts still recommend keeping water in it all year round. Professional Gunite Pool Maintenance in Nassau County NY can be performed for winterizing purposes.

The Importance of Winterizing

A gunite pool has walls made of cement and coated with plaster. Without proper winterizing, the pool can crack, although it won’t pop up from the ground with most of the water still in it. Residents of regions with cold winters, like Long Island, must take more steps for winterizing than pool owners in warm climates do. The work can be completed by technicians providing gunite pool maintenance in Nassau County NY.

Reasons for Draining a Specific Amount of Water

The water must be drained to about six inches below the skimmer and jets. Over the winter, the water will freeze, but its expansion won’t damage the pool, and it cannot crack the skimmer and jets since the water has been drained below them.

Another consideration is whether there is tile beneath the skimmer line. If so, the water must be drained below the tile line because ice can cause the tile to crack. Hoses must be drained so the water inside doesn’t freeze and expand, damaging the material. Afterward, they must be plugged to prevent water from getting in again.

Covering the Pool

The last step completed by technicians from a company such as Sky Blue Pools is covering the pool with a suitable product. This stops rain, snow and organic debris from falling into the pool. Heavy rain and snowfall could raise the water level back above the skimmer and tile lines. Since nobody will be using the pool for several months, there is no point in leaving it open. Browse our website to learn more about this particular pool installation, service and maintenance contractor.

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