Features and Benefits of Swimming Pool Safety Covers Winchester VA

When summer comes to an end and the weather begins to turn cooler, it is time for a homeowner to begin thinking about what they can do to cover and protect their swimming pools. If the homeowner has an inground pool, they have two basic options for swimming pool covers. One is a traditional, tarp-style cover and the other is Swimming Pool Safety Covers Winchester VA.

What are Safety Covers?

Swimming Pool Safety Covers Winchester VA are covers that are anchored to the deck, raised walls nearby, or the surrounding turf. Much like with a standard winter cover, the safety covers will help to keep dirt, leaves, and other debris out of the pool, and help keeps the water clean while the pool is not being used. However, the safety covers offer a number of other features and benefits, as well.

Types of Safety Covers

There are two basic types of swimming pool safety covers in Winchester VA. One is a mesh cover, which helps to keep debris and leaves out while allowing snow melt and rainwater to seep through. The other is a solid cover, which helps to keep everything out of the water.

How to Use Safety Covers

Unlike the traditional winter cover, a safety cover is pulled taunt across a pool and is secured by straps that are connected to anchors that are installed all the way around the perimeter of the pool. To use this type of cover effectively, it is necessary to have sufficient decking all around the pool so the anchors can be installed. If a pool as 70 percent or less decking around the pool, then it is not possible to use this type of safety covering.

In addition to providing protection from dirt, leaves and debris, safety pool covers are also extremely strong. This ensures that kids, pets, and other wildlife will not fall in the water, even if they walk on the tarp. While this is not recommended, it will hold strong and provide superior protection for the pool, people, and animals. More information about pool covers can be found by contacting the staff from Al Shirley & Son Inc.

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