The Magic That Abstract Art Can Bring To Your Home

Post-modern design is becoming increasingly popular in homes due to its sophisticated feel and sleek aesthetics. You’ve probably seen more and more post-modern homes popping up all over the place, with their flat rooves and often unconventional shapes. You’ve probably also noticed how attractive they are, as they provide a feel that suits the times. Constructing a new home is an enormous project though and most people don’t have the luxury of doing this. There is a way to give the interior of your home a post-modern look without doing any renovating, and that’s with post-modern art. Abstract art is the primary method of artistic expression in post-modern design, and it really does bring out a very futuristic look. This works best with original pieces though, as prints can diminish the unique feel of the artwork. Luckily getting original abstract paintings in Chicago isn’t difficult, and with the help of the internet you can peruse a vast gallery of fantastic pieces.

I Just Don’t Get It

A lot of people say they don’t like abstract art because they don’t understand it. To the untrained or unwilling eye, they simply look like a bunch randomness thrown on a canvas. With traditional art, the artist is attempting to project a certain image and use that image to invoke certain emotions. Abstract art on the other hand works the other way around. In an abstract piece the artist is attempting to use colors and patterns – or chaos instead of patterns in certain cases – to project an emotion and use that emotion to invoke certain images in your mind. This means that when you’re looking at an abstract piece you’re not supposed to be seeing something, you’re supposed to be feeling something and whatever you’re feeling should open your imagination. This gives abstract art the amazing quality of being able to depict different things to different people at the same time.

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