Hardwood Floors in Nassau County Are Ideal for People With Asthma and Allergies

When someone is diagnosed with asthma or allergies to various airborne substances, carpeting can become a problem. When the allergies are relatively serious and cause continuous symptoms, these people are generally advised to thoroughly clean the home regularly and to minimize the number of fabric furnishings. Fabric catches and holds allergens like dust mites and pollen. In addition, dust can aggravate symptoms and trigger attacks, even though it’s not specifically an allergen. Hardwood Floors in Nassau County make an ideal alternative to carpeting for people with these health disorders.

The hard surface of this flooring material, as installed by a contractor such as Anthony’s World of Floors, is easier to keep clean than carpeting is. Routine dry-mopping is usually all that’s necessary to get rid of airborne allergens that have drifted down onto the floors. Devices are available today that function as mops with disposable coverings. Those coverings are designed to stick to dust and similar substances so they are easily picked up from the floor. In contrast, carpeting tends to hold at least some amount of dust and other particles, even when vacuumed regularly.

These considerations are particularly important when the person with asthma or allergies spends time sitting on the floor, which is typical of children. Kids like to play with their toys on the floor and to sit there and watch TV or read. Playing on carpeting, with its trapped allergens, can lead to sneezing, wheezing and a runny nose.

What about people who really like carpeting and hate to give it up in all rooms? One solution might be to choose attractive rugs to place on Hardwood Floors in Nassau County. The individual may choose rugs that can be easily vacuumed or taken outside every few days to be shaken or beaten to rid them of dust and debris. Selecting rugs that are OK to put in a washing machine is advisable to make cleaning easier. Now, there are soft and decorative flooring surfaces wherever the home’s residents want them, yet those materials are easily removable. Visit the website to view photos of hardwood floors with and without rugs.

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