Helmet Tips From a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Dover, DE

Whenever a state decides to make it mandatory to wear helmets when riding a motorcycle, there’s a lot of opposition. In Delaware, currently everyone 19 and younger must wear a helmet and eye protection while older riders are required to have the helmet and eye protection in their possession.

Helmets do save lives and lessen the risk of severe head injuries. Statistically, wearing helmets drops the number of motorcycle-related deaths by 37% and the risk of a serious head injury by 67%. Every Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Dover, DE has witnessed firsthand the trauma suffered by everyone involved after a serious motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Helmet Components

Since few motorcycle accidents are fender-benders, choosing the correct helmet is critical. The fit matters much more than the price or how good it looks. It’s possible to get a properly fitting helmet for less than $200, but expect to spend more. It should have either a DOT or Snell sticker.

The four basic components of a helmet’s protection features include:

* The outer shell, usually constructed from fiber-reinforced composites which will contract in a hard impact and lessen the force of the blow.
* An impact-absorbing liner normally made from styrofoam or something similar that will further absorb the shock of the impact, deflecting it from the head.
* Comfort padding that touches the head and ensures a snug fit.
* The chin strap that ensures that the helmet will remain on your head in an accident.

How to Choose a Helmet That Fits You

Don’t buy a used helmet on eBay or from a friend. In fact, don’t buy online at all unless the store has a great returns policy. Go to a large motorcycle dealer or apparel store and try on as many as possible.

The helmet should:

* Fit evenly all around the skull, but not be excessively tight.
* Not rotate farther than allowed by the comfort liner if you try to twist the helmet around your head.
* Not have any contact gaps except over the ears.
* Not have any pressure points.
* Have good visibility when sitting on your bike in every riding position without straining your neck.

When you’ve been injured and need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Dover, DE, call Baird Mandalas Brockstedt. The driver of the other vehicle may say that they didn’t see you, but that’s not good enough. schedule an appointment today to review your legal options.

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