Helpful Tips to Fight Senior Loneliness

Helpful Tips to Fight Senior Loneliness

As your mom, dad and other members of your family age, they may face a number of health issues. However, other issues that can increase the mortality risk in elderly individuals is loneliness and isolation. It doesn’t matter if your loved one is currently in an assisted living facility in Glendale, AZ or at home, you have to take steps to help them remain engaged with their friends and family.

Join in Fun Activities with Your Senior Loved One

There are countless activities that you can participate in with your senior loved one. Take some time to listen to their favorite music together, play games and go on outings. It is also a good idea to get the senior’s grandchildren involved. If possible, talk with your loved one’s friends and encourage them to visit at the assisted living location in Glendale, AZ as often as they can. This ongoing interaction will help fight feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Find Out About Social Activities at the Senior Living Facility

The assisted living environment today is much different than it was in the past. The majority of locations have an activities coordinator on-staff to ensure there are always fun activities and outings planned for seniors. Talk with the staff at your loved one’s senior living facility to find out what is going on and then encourage them to join in. In most cases, you will find activities such as dancing, bingo, karaoke, special guest speakers and even outings to shopping malls and parks. These are all great opportunities for your senior to engage with others.

Unfortunately, many seniors experience feelings of isolation and loneliness as they get older and find it more difficult to get from place to place. Their home which for many is the last thing they may identify with for their independence actually becomes a trap causing isolation and loneliness as the neighborhood changes, friends no longer visit and trips away from the home become less and less frequent. This is one reason why when people move to an assisted living community they struggle with feelings of loss during the initial week or two after a move out of their home and into a Glendale assisted living facility. The good news is that soon passes and most people find new life as they make new friends and gain new purpose each day. Most assisted living communities make sure to help new residents become acclimated to their new environment by greeting them and introducing them to their new neighbors and inviting them to the various activities and programs available. You can also help by visiting regularly, being positive about the community and letting the staff know what kind of activities and games they enjoyed when they were younger. This allows the staff to encourage them to get involved which will lead to their being happier and living longer.

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