Helpful Tips to Perform Until You Can See an Emergency Dentist in St Peter MN

Helpful Tips to Perform Until You Can See an Emergency Dentist in St Peter MN

A dental emergency can happen when you least expected. This type of trauma can be anything from a fractured tooth to a knocked-out tooth. When dental trauma occurs, it’s important to get to an Emergency Dentist in St Peter MN promptly. Doing to will increase the chance of saving a tooth. The following tips can help a person lessen pain and prevent loss of dental structure until a dental specialist can be seen.

A knock-out out tooth can occur for numerous reasons. When a tooth is completely removed from its socket, it’s essential to get to an emergency dentist in St Peter MN as soon as possible. This dental practitioner may be able to reattach a tooth if a dental patient is seen within about an hour of the incident. Before seeing a dentist, pick up the displaced tooth by the crown. The crown is the visible part above the gumline. Avoid holding the tooth by any dangling dental material such as a tooth root. Under a steady stream of warm water, gently rinse the tooth off. Try to place the tooth back into its socket without putting too much force on the tooth. When this is not possible, place the affected tooth in a container of milk. Close the container securely. Over-the-counter pain medications can be used to diminish pain.

A fractured tooth can become a permanent tooth loss if it’s left untreated. To help a split tooth, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Don’t swish the water around in your mouth with excess force. Instead, tilt your head from side to side and let the saltwater gently move around. Apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth at the injury point. This will help with swelling. Gently use dental floss to remove food and other particulates on either side of the tooth. Use non-prescription pain medication to reduce pain.

These actions can assist a person with treating dental trauma until a dentist can fix the problem. Care should be taken not to aggravate the injury. Avoid performing extreme actions that can worsen the damage. For information on dental emergencies, please talk to a Mankato Dentist at Mankato Family Dentistry. This practice can handle many services including preventive dentistry, emergency dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

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