Hire a Maritime Accident Attorney After a Cruise Ship Injury

by | May 4, 2016 | Lawyers

A passenger taking a cruise is usually unprepared for injuries and health issues that may arise. Problems occurring during cruises include, but aren’t limited to: slip-and-falls, food poisoning, fires, drowning, sexual assault, medical malpractice and airborne illnesses. Here, passengers can learn when and how they may sue a cruise line after an injury or illness.

Can a Passenger Sue a Cruise Line for Their Injuries?

When a person buys a cruise ticket, they enter into a legal contract with the line and they are bound by the terms and conditions listed on the ticket and its supporting documentation. Some issues addressed in cruise ticket contracts that determine a passenger’s ability to sue include:

  • Whether there are time or jurisdictional limits on the passenger’s ability to file a lawsuit
  • Whether a disclaimer exists
  • Whether the passenger must notify the line of their intent to sue

When May a Passenger Sue?

If a person becomes ill while they are on a cruise, they have only a limited time to sue the cruise line. Every jurisdiction has a statute of limitations that determines how long victims have to file a personal injury claim. If a passenger isn’t sure whether they are within the time allotted by the state, a Maritime Accident Attorney can offer information on that and other related topics.

Where Can a Passenger Sue a Cruise Line?

The Federal general maritime law typically applies to lawsuits against cruise lines. However, many lines require passengers to follow strict requirements when buying cruise tickets. For example, the company may stipulate that all disputes be settled in a certain location, regardless of where the ticket is purchased. These requirements often prevent an injured passenger from filing a legal claim against a cruise line.

Do Injured Passengers Need to Hire Personal Injury Attorneys?

A person injured on a cruise should carefully review their ticket’s supporting documentation, and they should schedule a meeting with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to determine the validity of their claim. A Maritime Accident Attorney with us can discuss a client’s options for economic recovery, and they can recommend the appropriate course of action.

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