Why Hire Professionals for Lawn Maintenance in Spokane?

Why Hire Professionals for Lawn Maintenance in Spokane?

Property owners, both residential and commercial, tend to think they can handle Lawn Maintenance in Spokane by themselves. How difficult can it be to mow the lawn and pull out a few weeds, right? It is not difficult at all, but those tasks alone will not keep the grounds and landscaping healthy and beautiful. Proper maintenance takes a lot of time and skill.

More Than Mowing

Lawn Maintenance in Spokane entails much more than mowing. Weed control, fertilizing, pest control, and debris removal are all components of a great lawn. Pulling weeds, or what are thought to be weeds, incorrectly can interfere with plant roots, cause weeds to spread, and deplete the area of nutrients. Getting the weed, for example, but leaving the roots will result in more weeds and less nutrients in the soil for the flowers.

Edging the lawn is important as well to define the boundaries and create a neat appearance. Spreading fertilizer throughout the year and mulching plant beds will curtail weeds, help plants grow, and enrich the entire lawn. Tree services, such as pruning, trimming, and pest control, will also require a professional.

Turf Program

Experienced companies, such as Spokane Pro Care, develop packages and programs that save owners money while improving the strength and appearance of the lawn. The turf program has five steps to control weeds and provide proper nutrients to the lawn on a regular basis. Fertilizer is applied in early spring, late spring, summer, late summer, and fall to nourish the lawn continuously.

Other Maintenance Services

Raking leaves, lawn aeration, and sprinkler system care are other services available. Sprinkler system options include repairs, getting the system ready for the winter, and maintenance and set-up for the spring. Services are offered separately, or can be combined into a customized plan for the property. Free estimates on all services help customers determine how much work they want to do themselves, and how many professional services they desire.

Hiring professionals also allows people to enjoy the yard more instead of spending the whole weekend tending to it. For commercial properties, professional services will make the first thing customers or guests see absolutely breathtaking. That will leave a lasting positive impression and help boost business. Contact us for more information.

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