Hiring a Remodeler? 5 Questions to Start the Interview

Hiring a Remodeler? 5 Questions to Start the Interview

Remodeling a home can cost a lot. But if you want more room in your bathroom or thinking about upgrading your kitchen, then finding a remodeler for your San Antonio home renovation project is the next step. Make a sound choice by asking several of the following questions.

What’s your business history?

A lot of remodeling companies will have this information on their site. Touch on what’s there and your remodeling contact should take care of the rest. If your contact is vague about the company’s history, though, that may be a red flag. Any company that doesn’t seem to have any digital footprints or otherwise may not be legitimate. Walk away.

Are you licensed?

Hire a licensed remodeler in San Antonio. Rules are different for every state so make sure you find out if your contractor is licensed or registered to work in your area, How Stuff Works says.

What kind of experience do you have?

You can save yourself some time by checking out the work samples uploaded on the company’s website, along with the list of properties that the firm has worked on. Ask about those clients or samples instead.

Do you do restoration work?

If your home has been damaged, you’ll need the expertise of a fire or water restoration team to help with the cleanup. They also know what to do to determine the extent of the damage and which areas will require a full or partial restoration. If you’ve always wanted to remodel your home, then this is the perfect opportunity to get it done while the restoration work is ongoing for other parts of your house.

What’s your process?

Ask how they work. A better understanding of the process should give you an idea whether you found the right home remodeler in San Antonio for your project or not.

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