Homeowner Questions And Answers About Mold Inspection And Remediation In Salinas CA

When water or moisture gets into a home, it causes harmful mold to grow. This substance can grow on walls, ceilings and floors within 48 hours of being exposed to wetness. Mold can also grow in places that a homeowner cannot see, such as underneath carpeting, behind wallpaper and inside walls next to water pipes. When homeowners suspect that they have mold growing inside their house, they should immediately contact a company that specializes in mold inspection in Saliinas CA. The information below answers common questions that homeowners often ask about mold inspection and remediation.

Q.) What can a homeowner expect when a professional performs a mold inspection?

A.) A mold inspector will inspect the inside and outside of the home and look for indicators of mold. The inspector will use special equipment to test for mold growth in hidden areas of the home. If there was a flood or a water leak in the home, the inspector will ask the homeowner about the details and the areas of the home that was flooded. After the inspection is completed, the inspector will share the results of the inspection with the homeowner and recommend a remediation plan to get rid of the mold.

Q.) What are the steps involved with a mold remediation plan?

A.) The mold remediation experts will seal off the areas that contain mold so that the rest of the house isn’t contaminated. The remediation crew discards porous materials and items that have been soaked with water for over 48 hours. Since these items, such as carpeting or drywall, cannot be properly cleaned, they must be wrapped in plastic and thrown away. The remediation crew will clean all surfaces and materials with a detergent and then follow up with a disinfectant. During the clean up, the remediation team will have exhaust fans running to dry out the area. After a specific area is cleaned and dry, the remediation crew vacuums the area with high-powered equipment. After the remediation crew is done, homeowners should contact a company that specializes in Mold Inspection in Salinas CA to test the home a second time.

Contact Property Restoration Services if you need a mold inspection or remediation services. This company also specializes in flood, fire and storm damage restoration services.

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