How a Death in the Workplace Occurs: The Fatal Four

How a Death in the Workplace Occurs: The Fatal Four

While you probably don’t go to work every day with the fear of death or injury, the fact is that workplace injuries and fatalities can and do occur, with more frequency that you might expect. OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration) reports that 4,679 workers were killed at work in 2014, equating to over a dozen deaths per day. If you have a loved one with a hazardous occupation, such as construction, there’s a greater risk of involvement in a workplace accident.

Often, workplace injuries have four common causes, referred to as “the fatal four” by OSHA. While there are numerous other causes that can cause less serious injuries at work, the following four pose the most risk when it comes to fatal outcomes.

1. Slips and falls
Slippery work surfaces, spills, or a lack of secure scaffolding at construction sites can all result in fatal falls, especially if employees are expected to move quickly or carry heavy objects.

2. Electrocution
Using machinery or large electronic devices can result in electrocution if there are exposed wires or wiring problems. Electrical fires can also occur, causing fatal burns.

3. Being hit by objects or equipment
Commonly a hazard of construction sites, moving equipment or falling debris can result in death if they collide with an employee. Equipment that is not properly secured or correctly operated can also cause collisions and injury.

4. Getting stuck or crushed
When working with large machinery, it’s possible for all or part of an employee’s body to become stuck or crushed between. This can often be related to machine malfunction, and resulting internal injuries and blood loss can lead to death.

If one of your loved ones has been killed on the job, the effects that death can have on you and your family can be devastating. Emotional turmoil and grief, a decreased income, and debt accrued from medical bills and health insurance might send you into what feels like a downward spiral. However, you’ll have the law on your side, as a wrongful death suit can be filed against your loved one’s employer. In Cicero, wrongful death attorneys like Mary Ann Covone can be contacted to take on these cases, as you and your family will likely be entitled to compensation. Employers have the responsibility of making sure that their employees have a safe work environment, and preventable hazards are a sure case for a lawsuit.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to unsafe work conditions, you’ll need experienced wrongful death attorneys in Cicero at your side. Contact Mary Ann Covone today for a consultation on your case.

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