How Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI Prevent the Most Common Sports Injuries

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Health

Athletes typically require greater care when it comes to their body. Muscles, bones and joints must be maintained at its high level. People should also remember that sports injuries are different from common injuries. Visiting reputable ankle surgeons in Racine WI when a sports injury occurs can make a massive difference.

Every person playing a sport should know how their body reacts to certain twists and turns. Each athlete should know what precautions must be taken to improve performance while also avoiding injuries. If a person is planning to play sports or is contemplating an increase in their workouts, he or she should know what injuries are possible and how they should be treated. There are just a few common sports injuries that people should be aware of.

An ankle sprain, also known as a twisted ankle, is something most people think very little about. However, if a sprain is serious, it can be a life-altering issue. For instance, ankle sprains occur when ankle ligaments stretch or tear. If this isn’t treated properly, the injury could have lifelong consequences because it alters the shape and frequency of the body’s movements. Almost half of all basketball injuries are ankle sprains.

The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are affected in those people playing sports like soccer and American football. In the past decade or so, Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI have designed treatment methods that allow patients to improve with very little pain. However, treatment and recovery still take months to happen. The cruciate ligaments are two cords that connect the femur bone with the tibia around the knee joint. Its function is to provide stability to the knee, preventing the leg from moving forward or backward. The pain goes away within days or weeks but if left untreated, the injury can eventually cause meniscal tears.

Tendinitis is otherwise known as inflammation of the tendon due to an excessive strain. Tendinitis can occur in the ankle, elbow, and knee -; actually in any area where there are tendons. This issue is caused by an overload that exceeds the resistance limits of the tendon. There are multiple treatments to alleviate the injury, from immobilization or rest to the strengthening of the affected part. To learn more about Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers, click here.

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