How Can A CDL Trucking Facility Help You?

Commercial truck drivers could earn an average of $40,000 per year. Drivers who hope to acquire this opportunity must complete a program to learn how to operate these vehicles appropriately. A CDL trucking facility could provide hopeful drivers with the skills they need to tap into this earning potential.

Preparation for the Written Examination
The beginning of these courses offers preparation for the written examination. The students learn concepts that are covered on the written examination. This includes the basic functions of the selected commercial vehicles. It also defines local laws that apply to these drivers including potential moving violations. Once the student has completed the portion covered on the written examination, their instructor schedules the examination for them.

Learning to Drive a Commercial Truck
The next step of the process is to learn how to drive the commercial vehicle. The student isn’t allowed to operate these vehicles on the road until they have a permit. Once they complete and pass the written examination, they have the right to drive the vehicles under supervision. They can operate the vehicle with an instructor in the vehicle with them. This portion of the program prepares the driver for the road test.

Acquiring Knowledge of Federal Regulations
All students must learn all federal regulations. These regulations are enforced by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. They dictate the hours in which commercial drivers are allowed to drive during the day. This includes designated resting periods. These regulations also determine how the driver should log their hours. These requirements assist the driver in avoiding potential violations of these regulations.

Scheduling and Taking the Road Test
Once the driver has completed the program, their instructor schedules their road test. These tests are conducted by the local Department of Transportation. The driver must present their permit and certificate of completion for their program to the examiner.

Commercial truck drivers have the potential to earn up to $40,000 each year. However, the location in which they choose to acquire employment could play a role in their earning potential. Individuals who want to start a program at a CDL trucking facility should contact Star Truck Driving School today for more information.

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