How Can Dentistry in Kaneohe Care For Your Gums?

Many people are more focused on taking care of their teeth than they are their gums. Unfortunately, individuals often do not realize the importance of healthy gum tissue. When the gums are not healthy, the teeth will suffer. Individuals can rest assured their gums will be cared for with Dentistry in Kaneohe.

Gum Disease Wreaks Havoc on the Smile

When a person begins to develop gum disease, it can have a profound effect on the health of their smile. Not only does the disease attack the gum tissue, but it can also attack the teeth. As the disease grows in intensity, it can cause pockets of infection to develop around the base of the teeth.

When pockets develop, they will cause the teeth to loosen. This is caused by the body trying to fight the infection and inadvertently attacking the soft, supportive tissues of the teeth. Once the disease has progressed to the final stages, massive tooth loss can occur.

Gum Disease Can Be Prevented

It is important for individuals to understand gum disease can be completely prevented, especially if a person regularly seeks care from Dentistry in Kaneohe. Each time a patient comes to see the dentist, their teeth and gums are carefully cleaned. This helps to prevent plaque and tartar from being pushed into the gum tissue, which leads to gum disease.

A person also needs to make sure they brush and floss at least twice a day. Brushing and flossing help to remove plaque and tartar that can develop on the teeth. Gently brushing at the gumline will encourage blood flow to the gum tissue and keep it healthy.

Understanding the Signs of Gum Disease

It is imperative individuals understand the signs of gum disease, so they will know if they need to seek an appointment with the dentist. The most common signs of gum disease are:





•Foul breath


If you have noticed any of these signs, it is imperative you request an appointment right away. Prompt dental care can help you to bring your gum condition under control and prevent tooth loss. Gum disease needs consistent treatment to ensure a person’s oral health is protected.

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