How Do Butterfly Valves Work?

There are many different types of valves, they are all used to regulate the flow of a medium, usually liquid but can be a gas. A butterfly valve uses a disc to regulate the flow, the disc is mounted in the valve body at right angles the flow direction, when the disc is open, the flow passes around it. When the disc is moved 90 degrees it creates an obstruction and the flow is stopped.

Butterfly valves have gained in popularity:

As a result of the relatively thin profile between the valve body mounting flanges, Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX have rapidly gained in popularity. Compared to ball vales for example, which perform the basic on-off function, butterfly valves are considerably lighter , take less room, have an extended service life and when they do need servicing parts are easily replaced.

Different types of butterfly valves:

For many years a single offset valve was the only style readily available. As the stem that was used to secure and move the disc was attached behind the disc, it was not possible to turn the valve through a full 90 degrees, there was a couple of degrees left to travel.

A popular design today is the “double offset” valve. This design allows the valve to travel through a full 90 degrees. This design valve is used in systems that require resistance to higher pressure.

Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX can be operated by use of a manual handle or an actuator. Either an actuator or a manual handle will move the disc to the optimal position to ensure either full open or full closed position.

Butterfly valves are used in many industries including petro-chemical, water, food processing, chemical, fuel handling, power generation and more. High performance valves are suitable for use with saturated steam.

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