How Does a Victim of an Accident Afford a Car Accident Attorney in Emporia, KS?

How Does a Victim of an Accident Afford a Car Accident Attorney in Emporia, KS?

Car accidents cause significant expenses, especially if the person is seriously injured. They’ll need to cover their medical bills, the amount to repair or replace their car, the cost of a rental vehicle while they cannot use their own, and their lost wages from the time it takes for them to recover. These costs, however, should not have to be covered by the victim of the accident as they wouldn’t have been in an accident if it wasn’t for the at-fault driver. Getting the money to cover all of these expenses from the insurance company can be difficult, so they may need to hire a car accident attorney in Emporia, KS to help.

When a person thinks about hiring an attorney, the first thing they typically worry about is how much it’s going to cost. After all, hiring a lawyer can be incredibly expensive. The good thing about accident attorneys, however, is that their legal fees are typically paid by the at-fault driver, not the person who hires them to obtain the settlement. The reasoning behind this is that the victim shouldn’t have to pay any expenses attributed to an accident that wasn’t their fault. Instead, the person who caused the accident, or their insurance company, should have to pay. This includes the legal fees and all of the above expenses.

The victim of the accident will be able to work closely with the attorney throughout their case without worrying about the legal fees. If they are able to obtain a settlement, the legal fees will be included in the amount the lawyer agrees to so they can pay the lawyer and then have enough money left over to cover all of the other accident-related expenses. If they do not obtain a settlement, they do not have to pay the attorney at all.

If a person is in a car accident that was not their fault, they shouldn’t worry about the fees associated with hiring a car accident attorney in Emporia, KS. The attorney is going to handle everything for them, including the recovery of their legal fees as part of the settlement. To learn more about how this works or to speak with an attorney today, get more information now.

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