How Environment Friendly Cremations in Hamilton OH Leave a Smaller Stamp on Earth at the End of Life

There is an undercurrent of people that are consciously trying to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. The culture as a whole is realizing that every person is leaving a little burden on the Earth. It is what every person takes for the gift of life, and they see it as their responsibility to take as little as possible.

That plays out in the food they choose to eat. But many loved ones also want to make a really big statement with what happens after they die. That is forever, and no bigger message to Earth could be sent. Environment Friendly Cremations in Hamilton OH are the answer for people looking to minimize their stamp on the Earth and to help, in a small way, to make it better than how it was when they entered it.

These ideas need to be conveyed to the family who is going to plan the cremation and service. But, even a traditional cremation is not the best. It certainly cuts out the physical plot needed for a coffin. It also helps remove any emissions a body provides while buried that actually take away from the environment instead of adding to it (especially with carcinogenic formaldehyde). Environment Friendly Cremations in Hamilton OH are better than a regular cremation.

A regular cremation actually emits mercury. It is estimated that about 2.7% of all mercy emissions are through cremation, which comes to about 300 pounds. Some estimates have it much higher, in the range of 6,000 pounds of emitted mercury every year.

Mercury is a toxin, and it is considered extremely poisonous. An environmentally-friendly cremation may also involve the use of special equipment that diminishes mercy emission. These are known as carbon offsets.

Some will still want to be buried while also being cremated. To remain environmentally conscious, some will opt for a biodegradable container. They are known as burial pods (not the most flattering name), and they will degrade naturally into the Earth.

The best thing anyone can do is contact a funeral service. They can affirm the wishes of a loved one so the family can act out the funeral to their desires. It honors them in the best possible way.

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