Why Funeral Homes in Deltona, FL Are Getting More Requests for Cremation

Why Funeral Homes in Deltona, FL Are Getting More Requests for Cremation

In 1966 fewer than 20% of Deltona residents opted for cremation. Today over half choose it. Funeral Homes in Deltona FL are getting more requests for cremation because it offers more time to plan and nearly endless ways to design memorials. Businesses like Fourtowns Cremation Inc. also provide more cremations because they cost far less than traditional arrangements.

Cremation Creates Time for Planning

Historically time has played a big part in funeral planning. After a death most people have to make dozens of decisions in a short time. Arrangements often feel rushed because even an embalmed body can only be stored for so long before it must be buried or cremated. Unfortunately, that is problem when friends and family members scattered everywhere. In fact, it can also be hard for locals to drop everything and make it to a funeral held a few days after death. When families choose cremation, they can take their time with planning. Even if they choose embalming and visitation, the body can be cremated. Some clients choose that option so that they can hold a more formal, future memorial.

There Are Endless Options for Memorials

While a classic funeral is generally limited to a memorial and burial, cremation allows for more creativity. Even families that choose visitation and then cremation can hold celebrations of life in any location they want. Many Funeral Homes in Deltona FL also memorial jewelry designed to hold ashes. That lets friends and family feel close to those they have lost. There are also monuments that can hold ashes, including stone benches or stones that can be placed in gardens.

Elegant Funerals Are Affordable

The most impressive benefit of cremation is its low cost compared to traditional funerals. Today it is not uncommon for funeral home expense plus a casket, vault, cemetery plot and marker to cost as much as $15,000. However, it is possible to arrange a dignified direct cremation for under $1,000. Families can then design elegant services that are meaningful them.

The number of people requesting cremation has doubled in the last few decades, primarily because it offers a low cost option for dignified funerals. Clients also choose it in order to gain time for planning and because cremation offers nearly unlimited choices of memorials.

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