Reasons Tree Pruning in Bronx, NY Is Essential

There are a number of reasons a tree needs to be pruned. Most people think the primary reason is to keep the tree looking its best in a home’s landscape. That’s important, but there are some other equally important reasons to call on a a company that specializes in tree pruning in Bronx NY.

For the health of the tree

A tree’s health can be impacted in different ways. It may not be able to get the sunlight it needs to grow properly or it might experience an attack from damaging insects. A storm can damage limbs and even the trunk of the tree. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and the weight of snow or ice will also have severe impacts on a tree.

Pruning damaged or diseased limbs is the best way to help a tree stay healthy. Once these unneeded limbs are gone, the tree can put its effort into growing strong and sturdy branches that will better stand up to further damage or disease.

For the safety of the property

In urban settings, trees are a desired part of the landscape, offering valuable shade and providing an attractive view of the property. Limbs and branches of trees that have been damaged or diseased, or have even died, are much more likely to fall onto a home during a storm. Tree branches that come into contact with power lines because they haven’t been properly pruned are fire hazards.

For the appearance of the tree

Tree Pruning in Bronx NY is a good idea when a tree has become so large and overgrown that it looks out of shape or isn’t growing properly. Younger trees that are regularly pruned will grow strong and sturdy, avoiding problems in the future. Older trees will benefit from having dead or dying limbs removed that can possibly impact the tree’s future overall health. Just as people have cosmetic work done regularly, trees need pruning to help them look their best.

Arnoldo’s Tree Service has provided tree services in the New York City area for almost a quarter of a century. Contact us to arrange to have one of the arborists or tree professionals from Arnoldo’s Tree Service determine what kind of tree pruning is necessary.

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