How House Painters Choose Color?

How House Painters Choose Color?

Any painting company will tell you that they have a method for choosing the exact right color for your home. Whether it’s something you decided together, or you trust the expertise of the individual, there is a method to the decision. House painters are great with color and have been on the painting scene long enough to know what colors work with a home, and which ones don’t. If you’re curious, you can check out this guide for yourself to see exactly how a painter chooses which colors to use.

Understanding the Focal Point

At Alliance Painting, we want to make sure that your home’s color draws in the eyes of your guests. One of our painters’ favorite parts about choosing color is pointing out the focal point of the room. The physical, architectural, and decorative features of the home may naturally draw the eye towards something in the room. Contrasting this with a dark or a light color paint can really accentuate the area.

Considering Permanent Vs. Temporary Parts of the Home

House painters must often think about the features or furnishings in the room that are permanent, in contrast to the ones that aren’t. It’s important to choose colors that accentuate and complement the permanent features, such as the wood of a cabinet or the color of the carpet. That way, the painter creates a wonderful hue that can be enjoyed from all angles of the room.

Using Light to One’s Advantage

Using the light is an incredibly powerful tool when determining what colors may or may not work well in a room. For example, if the room is known to have many incandescent lights, the painter will consider warm tones to help keep with the theme. In contrast, natural lighting that comes through a window is often bright and white, and the color of paint on the walls can be brightened to give the room an expanded look and feel. This creates a great mood that can be enjoyed for years to come!

Book Your Color Design Today!

Our Alliance Painting professionals are excited to talk color with you. We are a painting company that guarantees a lifetime warranty on all our interior work, including paint colors and hues. If you’re looking to be inspired by different colors, and you are wondering what kind of paint would look best in your home, you can contact us for a professional opinion. Plus, we offer free consultations – don’t hesitate to reach out!

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