Styles of engagement rings in Colorado Springs

Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. Care must be taken in choosing a ring which reflects the interests and style of the recipient and the couple. Factors such as diamond shape, karat size, and type of ring metal should be considered. Perhaps before deciding on these things, the first decision to make involves choosing the style of the ring. There are several different styles of engagement rings in Colorado Springs that are available for purchase, including designer rings, vintage rings, and custom rings.

Designer Engagement Rings

Designer engagement rings are rings that are designed and manufactured by premium designers, such as Vera Wang, Sethi Couture, and Catbird. Each specific brand has its own headquarters and workshop. They typically team up with jewelry retailers in order to distribute their rings, rather than sell them directly to the public. Look for designer engagement rings at retailers like Zales, Jared, and Reed, as well as a number of independently-owned stores.

Vintage Engagement Rings

For those desiring a more unique and meaningful engagement ring, choosing a vintage one may be the way to go. Vintage engagement rings are usually at least 25 years old, but a general rule of thumb is ‘the older the better’. They can be passed on from generation to generation and come with much sentiment and many stories. They can also be purchased in an estate sale. These rings are typically unique in their setting, diamond cuts, and use of accent stones other than diamonds.

Custom Engagement Rings

If a truly one-of-a-kind ring is desired, look no further than the custom engagement ring. These rings are designed to reflect the personality of the recipient, the couple, and their relationship. Many companies have the ability to make custom engagement rings. They can be made completely from scratch using ideas and designs from the customer, or they can be built from a template provided by the jeweler.

It is important to reflect on the different styles of engagement rings to determine which one most speaks to the recipient and the couple. Once the style is decided upon, it is only a matter of visiting retailers and jewelers to find the perfect ring. To get more information about engagement rings in Colorado Springs visit website today.

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