Shopping for Kids Car Beds in Pearland, TX

As children become older and transition out of their cribs, parents like to have a special incentive to get them to sleep at night. Many parents take this opportunity to tell the child it is time for them to use their big kid bed.

For little girls, parents may opt for a princess style bed with a canopy or a bed with pink and purple colors and popular female kids characters. For little boys, beds that are shaped in trucks and cars are very popular. They also have beds with blue and green colors and male children’s characters, but the car beds tend to be the ones boys like the most. When shopping for kids car beds in Pearland TX, there are a few things to know before making a purchase.

Easy Assembly

If a person does not have a lot of time on their hands, one of the most important details to look for when purchasing a kids’ car bed is if the assembly of the bed is easy. Some people have time to make a toddler or kids car bed themselves from scratch. They are able to completely build and paint the bed. Others do not have this type of time, patience, or ability and opt for a bed that is already assembled or only takes a few screws to put together.

Mattress Size

The size of a mattress in a car bed is different depending on who the bed is purchased from or if it is a homemade bed. Most car beds are toddler size beds and the mattress from a baby crib can be used. Other car beds may require a twin size mattress leading to having to buy a new mattress when making the transition to another bed.

Age Range

The age range to fit into a car bed is important to some because they want the bed to last more than a year. Many times, this also depends on the size of the child and how tall they are. The typical age range for a car bed is from two to five years of age. After this, most kids will need to sleep in a larger bed.

There are many styles of car beds to choose from. Several styles include special characters from popular television shows and children’s books. To find out more about shopping for Kids Car Beds in Pearland TX, click here.

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