How Is TMJ Treated?

If you are experiencing pain in your face there is a good chance you have TMJ. TMJ is the Temporal Mandibular Joint, the term is most frequently used as a reference to a condition rather than what is actually is.

What is TMJ?

The condition referred to as TMJ arises when the hinge that connects the upper and lower jaws is not functioning properly. The TMJ is crucial; it is the joint that allows for movement of the lower jaw; back and forth as well as side to side. When one is suffering from this condition the complaint is a sensation of clicking and popping and in many cases the jaw feels as if it is stuck in position. TMJ is not well understood, TMJ treatment in Downers Grove may be little more than rest, other cases may involve surgical intervention.

The symptoms of TMJ:

There are numerous symptoms that lead one to believe they may have a TMJ disorder. Common symptoms include headaches and pain behind the eyes, a clicking sound or sensation when opening and closing your mouth and tender jaw muscles.

TMJ treatment:

A modified diet is often recommended prior to more drastic intervention. The dentist will suggest you eat foods which are easy to chew and foods which are rich in protein and magnesium.

If a modified diet does not help there are numerous OTC medications including anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers. As well as medication, your dentist may suggest physical therapy; stretching the jaw and ultrasound. A common TMJ treatment in Downers Grove is an oral splint, a custom made device that fits over the teeth which tends to reduce grinding of the teeth.

If worse comes to worse and these alternative methods of treatment give no relief, oral surgery can be performed to repair the joint.

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