How Maintenance Can Prevent The Need For Cedar Roof Repair

Issues with fungi, lichen, algae and mold infestations can all cause a roof that is unsightly. However, when homeowners take the initiative to maintain their roof, they can prevent a number of issues and the need for Cedar Roof Repair. Taking note of what these maintenance tips are can help to prevent serious damage and issues.

The fact is, cedar roofs are a type of roofing that has been around for several centuries. They are considered to be one of the oldest roofing materials that are still in use today. In the past, the shakes or shingles were placed over carefully placed lathing to help them stay dry. This helped the roof last for generation after generation.

This was done because the shakers would not decay alone. It would require some type of moisture, as well as an infestation to cause damage. This means that the best way to avoid the need for Cedar Roof Repair is to keep the surface dry and to have the structure cleaned and maintained regularly.
One of the main issues with the cedar shake roof that was installed in the past three decades was the way it was installed. The process of lath installation is not something that is still used today. Instead, the roof is now installed with an underlining and decking. This creates a great water barrier. However, since there are some situations that the shakes are unable to get dry or breathe, they may retain moisture, which will result in damage.

If there is no type of regular roof cleaning or maintenance, then the shakes may start to lose their overall integrity. This can lead to the need for premature replacement of the roof and serious, interior water damage. With maintenance, both of these issues can be avoided.

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