Initial Considerations Involved With Excavating for a Pond

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

On suitable properties, a pond can be constructed for various purposes. Ponds usually are built on rural lots or acreage because they take up a relatively large amount of land not normally available on municipal lots. These water features also may not be allowed in zoning codes in municipalities. A spring or natural well is typically a must-have unless there is a large amount of land available for rainwater drainage into the pond. After a property owner learns whether a pond is possible and is allowed on his or her land, Excavator Rental in Harrisburg PA may be required to begin the work.

A pond can be constructed for purposes such as stocking with fish, swimming, providing practice for a waterfowl-hunting dog, or just for the pretty view. These water features are like miniature lakes since they are designed to become part of the natural environment. Property owners often appreciate it when wildlife is attracted to the pond; they may find ducks, geese and other critters visiting. Before all this takes place, however, Excavator Rental in Harrisburg PA allows the property owner to start pond-building as a do-it-yourself project.

The best location for a pond typically is in a low spot on the land that has clay soil to hold water. Gravel and sand do not work unless the bottom is sealed with clay or black plastic. It may be possible to excavate flat land to create a slight slope down to where the pond will be located. Even without this slope, however, a person may still dig enough earth for a pond, although it may be more difficult to keep the pond full of water.

If the property owner isn’t knowledgeable about how terrain relates to pond construction and maintenance, courses on the subject are offered at technical schools. He might like to take a short course in learning how to operate an excavator or otherwise have an experienced friend or relative show him the ropes.

Excavating equipment is available from a company such as Slaymaker Group. Property owners who want to rent this equipment and start constructing a pond may click here for details.

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