How Professionals Help Clients Choose Headstones in CT

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Business

Grave markers tell the story of lives, so it is important to choose well. Since most people have no idea where to begin the task, they rely on trusted professionals who create elegant Headstones in CT. These craftsmen help clients choose memorials that suit their budgets and reflect their feelings. Professionals guide clients as they choose materials, designs, and inscriptions. They also offer on-site restoration services.

Design Staff Advise Client’s of Their Options

When clients Visit Shelley Brothers Monuments CT, design staff explain style and material choices as well as cemetery restrictions. This is critical since some burial grounds allow only foot or headstones and may even limit the types of materials that can be used. Local experts who design headstones in CT are very familiar with area cemeteries and can offer customers a range of markers to fit their needs. However, they work hard to make sure that even the simplest memorials are beautiful and durable.

Clients Can Choose a Variety of Materials

Professionals will create elegant markers from granite, sandstone, limestone, fieldstone, marble, and bronze. Granite and bronze are especially popular since they stay beautiful for decades with little maintenance. Craftsmen can make headstones in colors that include blue, green, pink, red, black, and white. Clients may choose shapes such as capped stone, tablet, plaque, block, or sculptured cross. Professionals help families choose meaningful inscriptions, designs, and finishes. They may suggest quotes, poems, or sayings. Even when customers are working with very limited budgets, artisans can suggest affordable options that result in beautiful markers.

Craftsmen Offer On-Site Services

Clients often hire monument experts to renew old or damaged gravestones. Teams of specialists will travel to cemeteries to clean, restore, and re-engrave inscriptions. They are experts at matching original fonts. Technicians can also add lettering to existing stones when new graves need to be added to family plots.

Families depend on trusted monument companies to help them choose the best gravestones for their needs. Craftsmen ensure that customers are aware of cemetery restrictions and then create markers to suit clients’ tastes. Experts build durable, beautiful memorials in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials and can restore existing gravestones.

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