Understanding Several Types Of Hearing Instruments in Groton, CT

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Healthcare

If you have been referred to an audiologist, you may be having problems with your hearing. The doctor will carefully evaluate your problem and diagnose it. When hearing loss is caused by an obstruction, like a buildup of wax, hearing can be improved by removing the blockage. However, in the majority of cases, the best option for improving hearing is a hearing aid. If your audiologist recommends a Hearing Instrument in Groton CT, you will have some options to choose from.

Some hearing aids are made to fit inside the ear canal so that they are not visible at all. People who are self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid may prefer this type. However, they use very small batteries that are hard to deal with and don’t last very long. Furthermore, a device inside the ear can be affected by ear wax. Another disadvantage is that this type of hearing aid doesn’t have the volume control or directional microphones that larger models have.

Another type of hearing aid worn in the canal doesn’t go all the way in. It is still less visible that other types, but it has more features than the smaller one. It is also vulnerable to damage from ear wax.

An in-the-ear hearing aid fits against the outside of your ear and is custom fit to your ear shape. This type is good for people with anywhere from mild to significant hearing loss. It has a volume control feature and uses a larger battery with a longer life than the smaller devices. This type of hearing aid picks up more wind noise than the internal hearing aids.

A behind-the-ear hearing aid hooks over the back of the ear and connects to an ear mold worn inside the ear canal. This type of hearing aid works well for people of all ages and degrees of hearing loss. Today, there are some streamlined models that are less noticeable than the traditional styles. While these hearing aids can offer more amplification than other styles, they are also more likely to pick up wind noise.

These are only a few types of hearing aids. If you would like more information about a Hearing Instrument in Groton CT, check out our website.

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