How to Choose the Right Glass Globe for Your Outdoor Fixtures

How to Choose the Right Glass Globe for Your Outdoor Fixtures

The right lighting for an outdoor light fixture can really add a lot to your home. If you choose the right brightness as well as the appropriate lamp post, you can really get quite a nice effect. However, there are a lots of different choices when it comes to the type of glass globe you can get. Getting the right information can help you understand your choices much better.

The Different Types of Glass Globes

Glass globes are categorized according to the stipulations of the Underwriters Laboratory. That is why the ratings to get labeled UL. These ratings are based on where the fixture is going to be located. There are two: damp and wet. This is what they mean.

UL Damp

If a light fixture has a UL damp rating, it is designed for a climate that is humid or moist, but it is not designed to withstand direct exposure to moisture. Typically, the fixture would not have any exposure to wet weather events such as rain or snow, and it will also be well-shielded from anything else that could get it significantly wet, such as a flood.

UL Wet

On the other hand, UL wet is suited for exposure to moisture and various forms of water. This means it can handle rain, snow storms, freezing rain, and even getting splashed by sea water. A UL wet rating light is well-suited for areas that do not offer full cover. Some of these include porches, walkways and gazebos.

The Style of the Globe

A glass globe can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each carries its own implicit statement of style. Some glass globes reflect style movements that were popular many years ago, and this adds a classical touch to the home. Other glass globes have a more contemporary feel to them. Regardless of the UL rating of the glass globe you choose, you should make sure the shape, size, and level of translucence gives it the kind of style that will complement your home. You do not want the glass globe to clash with look of your house. If you are unsure how to choose an outdoor light fixture, you can always get the help of a professional landscaper or architect.

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