TIG Welding: Applications In The Automotive And Aerospace Industries

TIG Welding: Applications In The Automotive And Aerospace Industries

Among the diverse types of welding available in fabrication shops, the most popular remains TIG and MIG. TIG welding, a recent addition to this field (the 1930s), is prevalent in shops across the United States for a variety of reasons. In Cleveland, for example, fabrication shops find it:

  • Versatile
  • Preciseness
  • Clean
  • High Grade Appearance

When a skilled and trained MIG welder performs even the simplest weld, the results are impressive in their quality. This makes the process ideal for specific applications.

TIG Welding Applications

When it comes to welding, certain methods or types excel over others in particular applications. Since TIG welders can apply their skills to a variety of metals from aluminum to steel, the process makes it attractive to several industrial concerns. Cleveland welders find the following two industries prominent in their employment of TIG:

  1. Aerospace: Aluminum and other metals are easy to weld using TIG. The process also produces tight, secure, precise, clean and highly durable welds. As a result, TIG welding is common for use in airplane construction and repair. The planes range from the average commercial aircraft to spacecraft such as the International Space Station
  2. Automotive: In the automotive industry, it is essential for vehicle construction to be safe, secure and solid. The welds to ensure this must also be durable, able to withstand the vicissitudes of the elements and roads. With its ability to reduce the impact of corrosion, TIG welds are natural for such auto body parts as fenders/bumpers.

Overall, for both functional and aesthetic work, TIG meets and even exceeds the most demanding specifications.

TIG Welding

It is easy to see why TIG welding is popular for those in the aerospace and automotive industries. Moreover, the welds are clean, precise and of generally high quality. While this form of welding is not for every job, welding shops in Cleveland continue to offer it understanding its demand in certain industries.

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