Paints and Powders – the Finishing Touches for Your Metalwork Project

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Metal Fabricator

In the world of metal crafting, the finishing steps are often the most important. Sealing, protecting and beautifying the finished product for the consumer is what makes metal products the sleek, shiny and extremely useful items that people all over the world rely on every day. So, when given the choice between liquid-based metal paints and coloured or non-coloured powder coatings, which should you choose for your project? The answer is as simple as knowing what you intend to use it for!

Liquid Paint

What makes liquid paint the substance we know it as is the liquid binder that attaches and holds the pigments to the surface being painted. Without this liquid, it would not be possible for the colour to adhere to the surface and remain there for long. Liquid paints can be strikingly beautiful when used on metal, but they also have some disadvantages, as well.

Paint made from a liquid base can easily peel, chip or crack, causing a distressed look and reduced functionality of metal pieces. This can speed the process of rusting and even cause minor injuries when people touch the peeling paint. For this reason, liquid-based paint is suggested primarily for metalwork projects that are decorative in nature, do not require much movement of parts and will be kept indoors or serviced with a touch-up regularly.

Powdered Coatings

The alternative to liquid paints for finishing and adding colour to your metal items is the use of powdered pigments or coatings. These also contain pigments if chosen, but they are applied differently and yield a different textural and functional result. The powder itself is applied using electrostatic. To understand how this works, simply think of the way some things cling to other surfaces when static is applied. Heat is used to cure the layer of coating and form a hard exterior that is resistant to chipping and cracking.

Because of how well powder coatings stand up to the elements, movement, frequent use and more, they are recommended by metalwork experts for all manner of metalwork projects, including:

  • Store displays
  • Product packaging and storage containers
  • Home and industrial appliances
  • Heating and cooling supplies and much more

For the investment of both money and time, most metalwork projects are simply better served by powdered coatings that traditional, liquid paints.

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