How to Find a Leak on Your System of Plumbing in Tucson

How to Find a Leak on Your System of Plumbing in Tucson

In most homes, the water line usually has a meter used for measuring the volume of water consumed. Utility companies then use this information to calculate the amount of water bill. When there is a leak on the line, the meter records high volume of water used resulting in high water bills. To avoid paying for wasted water, it is important that you make sure the line has no leaks. Given here are simple steps you can follow to quickly identify water leaks on your system of Plumbing in Tucson.

Turn of Running Water and then Check the Meter

When water is running, the meter’s flow indicator will also moves. To check whether there are any water leaks, first turn off running water both outside and inside the house. Thereafter, check the flow indicator (small triangle at the top of the meter) for any movements. Movements of the flow indicator when all running water has been turned off show that there is a leak(s) on the water system.

Use Elimination Process to Find the Leak

Once you have confirmed that there is a leak in the Plumbing system, find out the approximate point of the leak using elimination method. Start by checking the sprinkler system. After shutting off the valves of the device for back-flow prevention that serves the irrigation system, check the water meter for any movements on the flow indicator. If the flow indicator no longer moves, then the leak is in the irrigation system. If the movement continues, check the main service line that supplies all the water used in the house. It is controlled by a valve the front yard of the home. Shut off this valve and then turn on the faucet in the house to make sure all the water is off. Thereafter, check movements on the water meter. If there are still movements, the leak is likely to be between the water meter and the shut-off valve. Use the same process to other places like the toilets for leaks.

All these steps are meant to help you get approximate location of the leak. To find the exact location of the leak and carry out the necessary repairs, contact a professional for plumbing in Tucson area who will then use a listening device to pin-point the leak and repair it. This timely location and repair of leaks will greatly help you avoid paying for water not used.

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