How to Find an Interior Design Expert

How to Find an Interior Design Expert

Some people feel they can do their own interior design, and actually, many do. However, sometimes those same people try to become interior designers and don’t undergo the proper training or develop the proper techniques. The result is not good. With many folks in and around Bethesda, MD touting interior design chops, how can you tell if the interior designer you’re talking to is an expert or not? Here are some things to think about.

Track Record

A portfolio speaks volumes. However, you have to look beyond the pretty pictures. Is there variety in the design? Have they designed a lot of different types of spaces? Variety in the portfolio tells you your designer can adapt to different situations. Also, if available, ask to see a sketch of a design alongside the finished product. Yes, they will be different, but as you and the designer talk about why and how, you’ll be able to tell whether they are the kind of designer who makes big claims but can’t turn them into reality or the one who is able to balance creativity with pragmatism. With the large variety of architecture and types of houses in the Bethesda, MD area, finding a true design expert with a strong track record should not be hard.

Individuality and Original Artistry

Every year we have new trends. They should be respected, even honored. However, blanket imitation of new—or old—trends is a warning sign. If your designer’s creations always blend into a trend, even one that has expired, beware. Instead, as you interview designers in Bethesda, MD, look for people who respect classic trends but still add their own flare to things. In a place so filled with history, there are plenty of people to imitate. However, Maryland has a strong sense of individuality as well, and this should inspire some creative artists—who also happen to be interior design experts.

Good at Budgeting and Pricing

Almost anyone can create something nice with a lot of money. However, as you sit with your interior designers, ask questions about how they decide on a budget. Does it make sense? If you have questions, ask and observe how the designer answers. Are you given straight answers? If the answers involve big ranges such as “Oh, around $3000-$6000”, you are not sitting in front of an expert designer. Bethesda, MD and the surrounding areas have some expert designers to choose from. One of them is Zoe Feldman Design.

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