How To Schedule For Long Distance Moving Companies In Chicago

If you are booking long distance moving companies in the Chicago area, there are some advanced scheduling and packing issues you can deal with well in advance of the move date.

Doing this advanced work will help you in selecting the right long distance moving companies to consider, and then narrowing down your choices to just one. Of course, by comparing different long distance moving companies you will get to understand what is a reasonable rate for the move, as well as what services different companies offer for what price.

While you are evaluating long distance moving companies you can also start to plan your move. A few simple ideas to make this go smoothly and to avoid any last minute issues can add to a stress-free move regardless of the company you choose or where you are moving.

Book Early

All Chicago-based long distance moving companies, just like moving companies across the country, are the busiest over the summer as families move when the kids are not in school.

If you can avoid those summer months for the move, you can often get an overall lower cost for your move. If you cannot avoid moving at this time, plan to book at least three to four months in advance if at all possible. Do not expect a top moving company to be able to schedule a move within a few weeks during this busy time.

Make an Inventory

Before or after choosing long distance moving companies you can start to make a complete inventory of the items in your home. You only have to inventory items of value, and doing this early allows you just to focus on packing at a later date. Video inventories are a good start, but a written document is a better option.

You can use a spreadsheet system to not only inventory items of value but to then also identify the box they are in. Boxes can be numbered and labeled for quick identification, helping both the movers and yourself when it comes to unpacking.

Pack Early and Logically

When you have time to pack and are not rushing, you can be more logical and systematic in your packing. You also have the time to determine if you want to move that particular item, or if it should be sold, donated or perhaps just thrown away.

The earlier you start looking for long distance moving companies and focusing on packing, the easier the process will be. In Chicago you will have a lot of selection, so know what services you want from your movers and then work to find the best match.

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