How to Sell a Condo in Manhattan

How to Sell a Condo in Manhattan

So you have a condo on your hands, one with a distinct lack of people living inside it. You want to fix this, of course, but the question is how. What’s the difference between selling a house and selling a condo? If you want to show people that you have condos for sale in Manhattan, know the basics, but would like some extra tips to help you along, the following is right for you.

#1. Proper staging is key

Like with any house for sale, you want to make it look great for the potential buyers. You want the condo to look like heaven on earth, and you’ve allowed these lucky mortals a tour. Luckily, there are professionals dedicated to making houses look as great as possible, so look up a professional stager for these endeavors.

#2. Double check your condo association’s rules

Even if you’ve already read over your condo association’s guidelines for selling condos, it can only help you to look again. Breaking too many of their rules will add unnecessary complications to an otherwise smooth process. For instance, your condo association may limit the type of people you can sell to, or put a ceiling on the price to make sure you don’t charge unfairly. If you can, print these rules out so you don’t forget, doing so can only help you.

#3. Display assets as much as possible

Does your condo have a two-car garage, or more than one walk in closet, or fine marble flooring? If there is anything about your condo that you feel sets it apart from the rest, even if it’s just a convenient location, prominently display that in advertising. Selling houses/condos is a big game of “my stick is bigger than yours” so do not be afraid to boast any advantage your product has. Spend extra time on the house tour on these assets, and if you can, have the stager spend extra time making these rooms look better than the rest of the house, to draw buyers’ attention to it.

Selling a condominium is difficult, like selling a house is difficult. There’s red tape, unforeseen complications, the whole nine yards. However, little tips like these can make the experience significantly less painful for you and your clients. So never be afraid to ask yourself how you can make your condo more presentable to your potential buyers. After all, you ultimately aren’t lying to them, you’re giving them what they’re paying for. For more information, visit Hudson Yards.

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