Hurt by Road Debris? Hire an Injury Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM to Receive Compensation

People love to visit Albuquerque to see the beautiful southwest scenery. The last thing a person expects as they travel along the New Mexico highway is to be hit in the front of their car by a mattress. Unfortunately their vacation ends in a Level One Trauma Center, with a doctor telling them they have a severe case of whiplash. In a few hours, the pain is so bad that the person cannot move his neck or arms without experiencing waves of agonizing pain. Even with insurance, his share of the medical costs will be staggering. He decides to hire an Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM to recover the cost of medical treatment.

The lawyer understands that the injured person can’t leave the hospital and visits him there to review his case. He agrees that the truck owner was negligent, because he didn’t even try to tie down the mattress in the back of his open truck bed. He just tossed it in and assumed it would stay in place. After they saw news reports of the accident, several witnesses came forward to tell police that the mattress lifted up several times in the truck bed. He ignored their warnings as they drove by and pointed to the back of his truck. The Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM agrees to file a claim for damages with the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Insurance companies hate to pay out large sums of money to compensate injured people. They have their own doctors, who review the medical records of injured people to find reasons not to pay them for their injuries. Whiplash and other types of back injuries can be very hard to diagnose and treat. Two people can have similar x-ray and MRI results and have very different symptoms. The Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM will bring in his own medical experts to show how debilitating the person’s whiplash injury is. When the insurance company sees that the lawyer and his client won’t back down, it agrees to a fair compensation package.

The Carter & Valle Law Firm Albuquerque, NM is one of the legal offices that represents injured people in these kinds of negligence cases. They will meet with an injured person at no cost to review the case. Visit website for more information.

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