huskeChoices in Window Installation in Omaha NE

huskeChoices in Window Installation in Omaha NE

If a home’s windows are worn out and drafty, replacing them with double-pane energy efficient models can reduce home cooling and heating costs while increasing the home’s curb appeal and resale value. However, choosing the right windows can be difficult given all the options that are available. New windows are a major investment and they can last up to twenty years, meaning that the homeowner should Click Here to do his or her research before making a decision on Window Installation in Omaha NE.

New vs. Replacement Windows

One of the first choices a homeowner will make is whether to get new or replacement windows. With new windows, installation usually takes place when the homeowner wants to change the sizing or shape of the current windows. The work is typically done by a window installation contractor, and the labor cost adds to the overall price of the job. The installation of replacement windows involves the removal of the old windows without affecting the surrounding framework. Replacement windows are roughly equivalent in cost to new windows, but labor costs are lower.


Once a homeowner decides between replacement and new windows, their next choice is the type or style they’d like. There are four common types, which will be described below.

Double-hung or single-hung windows: These are the most common type by far, and they consist of two separate sashes that open and close with a sliding motion. Single-hung windows only open from the bottom up.

  *      Casement windows: These typically consist of a large, vertically-hinged sash that opens with an outward swinging motion.

  *      Awning windows: These are hinged on top and they open with an outward tilting motion from the bottom. Awning windows are commonly used in bathrooms and in coastal areas.

  *      Sliding windows: These open from one side to the other and are a good choices when there’s limited exterior space.


When getting Window Installation in Omaha NE, homeowners get what they pay for. Cost is an important consideration, but it’s equally important to choose a quality window made by a known vendor. Doing so will yield the energy savings, low maintenance and easy use that a homeowner expects. When choosing new windows, buyers should compare warranties and levels of service. That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable, well-known installer; companies that are established are more likely to be around to offer help when it’s needed.

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