Hygiene Matters: Don’t Forget Your Gym Towel

Hygiene Matters: Don’t Forget Your Gym Towel

If you are headed to the nearest gym to run a few laps, get in a few sets, or take on an intensive workout, one of the things you should never forget is your fitness towel. When you engage in a workout, it can leave you hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be dripping sweat, and a great towel can take care of that problem as needed. That’s not the only reason a towel is a great thing to bring with you, though.

Communal Hygiene

Walking into your gym, you have no idea how many people have used the rowing machine, cross-trainer, or treadmill before you showed up. You also have no idea how much attention they pay to their hygiene. A fitness towel is a way to keep yourself and the equipment clean. Each time you step away from a machine, you can take a moment to wipe it down and get rid of any sweat you may have left behind. The same applies if you take a class where shared equipment is used.

Keep Cool

Wiping up sweat off the equipment isn’t the only reason to bring a gym towel with you, although it is a good one. Sweating while you’re in the gym is a good thing for various reasons, but dripping sweat isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. While experts advise that you do not wipe away sweat unless you’re drenched, a fitness towel will help when you reach that point. It also avoids the issue of spreading sweat on equipment if you were to use your hands to wipe your face. That can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, which is bad for everyone who uses the gym.

Individual Hygiene

Helping keep the gym a hygienic place is excellent, but you also want to make sure that you keep yourself clean and healthy, too. That’s why it’s important to wash your gym towel each time you come home. Even if your towel is made to avoid bacterial growth, throwing it in the wash will ensure you’re not at the gym next time with dry sweat being rubbed on your face.

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