Identifying Necessary Elements for a Case with a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Baltimore

Maryland injury victims have access to strategic law avenues in which they could acquire compensation. However, the first step of the process is to identify common points pertaining to their specific case. Personal injury cases can range from product’s liabilities to medical malpractice. Legal statutes apply to these cases and the type of evidence needed for each injury varies depending on the case type. A Personal Injury Law Attorney in Baltimore helps injured victims by reviewing vital details about their personal case.

Identifying the Statute of Limitation and How It Affects the Case

In the state of Maryland, all personal injury cases are restricted by a three-year statute. If the victim fails to file their claim before the third anniversary of their accident or injury, they lose all rights to compensation. The deadline starts with the exact day of the accident. It doesn’t matter how long the victim was in the hospital after their injuries; they must act quickly.

Reviewing Medical Evidence

The victim’s attorney reviews the medical evidence. It is these records that define whether or not there is a viable lawsuit. The medical evidence should show a connection between the defendant and the victim’s injuries. The circumstances of the injury dictate how the court views this evidence. For example, if the case is based on a medical malpractice, the evidence must show that the attending doctor’s actions are linked to the injuries.

Depositions for All Witnesses

The attorney must acquire depositions from all witnesses. This testimony is needed to support the victim’s claim. These witnesses must provide clarity based on the type of event that caused the victim’s injuries. For example, if the injuries are the result of an auto accident, law enforcement officers are called upon to testify about their findings during the accident investigation.

Maryland injury victims have a right to file a claim within the statute of limitations against the individual who caused their injuries. The type of personal injury claim could affect how the case is managed and what evidence is needed to support it. Victims who are ready to start a claim should contact a personal injury law attorney in Baltimore or Visit us today for more information.

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