If Hackers Hijack Your Computer And Demand Ransom, It’s Going To Cost You

Ransomware is a particularly nasty form of malware. Hackers take over the computers of either individuals or organizations and won’t release them until the “ransom” is paid, which could be hundreds or even millions of dollars. If you don’t know anyone who has been attacked by ransomware or had your own computer hijacked by these bad guys, don’t be surprised when it happens.

The Blue Screen of Death or Embarrassing Photos

Ransomware hackers aren’t shy about announcing that they now “own” your computer. Typically, you’ll see the “blue screen of death” with a gloating message demanding a payment before they release control of your computer to you. A new twist on this is to cover your screen with down-and-dirty photos that will not go away until the ransom is paid.

A few computer-savvy users have managed to regain control by researching a fix on another computer, following the directions and managing to get their hijacked computer back. In Illinois, many bring their computers right down to BLH asking for immediate Virus Removal in Alsip IL. Some, however, will choose to pay the ransom.

A California Hospital Paid More Than $3 Million

When their computer system was shut down by ransomware, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was forced to return to paper medical records and transferred 911 patients to other hospitals. When they failed to regain access to their system from these state-of-the-art hackers after more than a week, they paid the hackers almost $3.7 million. Patients worry that the hackers now possess their personal, medical, and financial information.

A Warning if You Decide to Pay Ransom

Whatever you do, remember you are dealing with a criminal who is stealing from you. If you supply your financial information, there would be nothing preventing the thief from using this information multiple times.

• Above all, do NOT use a debit card. The last thing you want to do is give a criminal-;probably located overseas-;direct access to your bank account.

• If you feel compelled to pay the ransom, purchase a prepaid credit card.

• If the hacker requests a bitcoin, one bitcoin will currently cost you almost $600.

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