Frequently Asked Questions About Chimney Liner Repair Service In Baltimore MD

Many homeowners don’t realize that their chimneys may be unsafe due to a broken or cracked chimney liner. This type of damage to the chimney can cause a fire and emit poisonous gas into the home. Before there’s a dangerous problem with the chimney, contact a professional for chimney liner repair service in Baltimore MD. Individuals who have a chimney inside their home should read these important questions and answers about chimney liners.

Q.) What is the main purpose of a chimney liner?

A.) A flue liner fits on the inside of a chimney and acts as a protective barrier. As wood burns in the stove or fireplace, the liner funnels the smoke and gases up through the chimney and out through the top of the structure. If the liner is defective, the smoke and gases can no longer travel through the liner properly. This often causes the smoke and gases to back up and flow into the house. Burning wood can sometimes give off carbon monoxide and since there isn’t any color or smell to this gas, it can be in the room without anyone knowing. People who breathe in carbon monoxide can become very ill and it can even lead to fatalities. The main purpose of a flue liner is to keep individuals safe inside their homes while they’re burning wood.

Q.) How can a homeowner tell if their flue liner is cracked or damaged?

A.) Since the damage may be way up inside the chimney, many homeowners don’t realize they have a problem with their liner. A chimney inspector should be called to the home to thoroughly inspect the liner and the rest of the chimney. If necessary, repairs should be made to the chimney as soon as possible or before homeowners begin burning wood inside the home. A professional who specializes in Chimney Liner Repair Service in Baltimore MD can fix the existing liner or replace it with a new one.

For a chimney liner inspection and repair, contact a professional company, such as Complete Chimneys, LLC. Click here to learn more about the various problems that can occur with chimneys and to contact the company for a repair.

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