Air Duct Cleaning Services In Baltimore MD Can Lessen Dust And Allergens

Even in newly constructed homes, dust can accumulate from the construction in the duct work. Homes that had or have animals living it can also benefit from air duct cleaning services in Baltimore MD. Air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years or more often if there are smokers in the home or pets. Changing a furnace filter on a regular basis can help to eliminate dust within a home, but not in the duct work. Animal hair, dander, bacteria and mold can take refuge in the duct work and be spread throughout a home. A great indication on whether a home would benefit from air duct cleaning is dust accumulation on the furniture shortly after it’s been cleaned. Seeing dirt in the air ducts where the air travels is another indication the duct work needs cleaned.

Other items that can accumulate in duct work is mildew, fungi, yeast and algae. Operating the heating or the air conditioning will still spread these items throughout the home. Another sign duct work needs cleaned is when there’s dirt accumulated around the air vents in the home. When the furnace or air conditioning is started, a smell could fill the house. The smell could be from any number of things inside of the duct work. Removing these allergens and unhealthy particles is important to improved air quality within the home.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Baltimore MD will move up to 16,000 cubic feet of air per minute through duct work will quickly remove everything inside. The air combined with the vacuum system is combined with an air skipper that travels through the duct work to push out the dust and debris. Everything that is removed is sent directly to a truck outside. The cleaning service will take the dust and debris with them when they leave. Clean duct work can improve heating and cooling by up to 50% when completed. The entire HVAC system will operate more effectively to heat and cool the home.

Healthier air is possible without the use of an air filter operating 24 hours a day. Visit website to learn more about the benefits of cleaning the duct work in your home and breathing healthier air.

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