The Resistant Qualities Of Hotel Pool Furniture

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Business Services

If there is an upscale hotel somewhere, there is likely to be a pool nearby. In addition to maintaining the pool, it is important to buy the right kind of furniture that withstands years of use and abuse. Countless people visit pools, so you must ensure that they are not able to ruin the furniture completely. Know which resistance qualities to look for in the hotel pool furniture you buy.

Water Resistant

All outdoor furniture is resistant to the effects of rain and snow. Moisture is known to rot away wood that is not protected with a special finish. If you buy fabric seats, make sure the fabric lets the water roll off instead of soaking into the interior.

Excessive moisture causes mold and mildew to grow on moist surfaces. You can throw covers over the furniture, but you are better off ensuring that the materials are water resistant.

Chlorine Resistant

Pool furniture is designed to last for many years by the pool. When the chlorine splashes onto the furniture, do not expect to see the chairs and tables disintegrate before your eyes. You must use chlorine as a chemical to keep the pool clean, but keep the surrounding area safe from the chlorine. Only pool furniture is specially designed to resist the damaging effects of this chemical.

Before you buy any type of hotel pool furniture, know the materials that it is constructed from and how it withstands chemicals. Some materials are better able to resist the fading effects caused by sunlight and chlorine. You want to know more about these materials before you make an investment.

Chlorine is known to lighten certain materials, so choose light colors. The lightening effects will not be obvious, and the colors will allow the furniture to retain its original quality.

Winter Resistant

Most pool furniture is strong enough to withstand the freezing temperatures. If your furniture is not resistant to the cold of winter, it could become unusable in the future. You want to see a protective coating that does not disintegrate easily. Recycled plastic is one material that resists the extreme heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter. Aluminum is another material that does not rust under sheets of ice or frost. It has a high level of corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for exposure to all elements of nature.

Poolside furniture comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and materials. Your first step is to review the different types of materials used to construct the chairs, tables, and umbrellas. You need to look for qualities that provide high levels of resistance to rain, snow, mold, and freezing temperatures. Most stores provide more than enough options for pool owners. Even so, it is the buyers’ responsibility to research the products before they buy anything. Click here to know more!

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