If You’ve Been A Victim Of Fire Damage, Contact An Experienced Restoration Company

When a fire has occurred in a home or business, it’s always a traumatic experience. Contacting a company experienced in Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Dixon CA can help to make the process go smoother. Attempting to sort out what must be handled first is overwhelming with the assistance of a restoration company. They have the necessary organization, training and equipment in order to get through this difficult time. They will protect the belongings in the building and treat everyone with the utmost care, compassion and respect. They can assist with fire and smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning as well as water damage restoration.

After a fire, there’ a variety of things that should not be performed by a company experienced with Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Dixon CA arrives. Please don’t:

  • Try to clean any painted surfaces or clean the carpeting.
  • Get too close to appliances that were in or near the fire or water.
  • Consume or use any food or beverages that were near or in the fire, water or heat.
  • Use any electric or electrical appliances in the home until the wiring has been inspected and deemed safe.
  • Send dry cleaning out to a service that is not skilled in removing smoke odors.
  • Walk into the area without proper safety shoes.

The first thing a restoration company will perform is a thorough inspection and damage assessment. They check all of the rooms in the building for structural integrity. They will place boards over windows or doors that must be secured. If the roof is affected, they will place a tarp over the roof to prevent further damage. A restoration company will immediately begin performing water removal from the structure to avoid the opportunity for mold to develop. Drying of the building will begin at the same time as the water removal.

Soot and smoke will be removed from all surfaces. A deep cleaning and sanitizing will be performed to eliminate any dirt or bacteria. Repairs that need to be performed such as replacing drywall; painting or carpet installation will all be handled by the restoration company. Don’t attempt to correct fire damage on your own. Contact SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland immediately after a fire.

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