The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for a Millwright in Dallas

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Moving and Relocating

For a Millwright in Dallas, preventive maintenance, or PM, may seem obvious, but those who cut corners won’t get results that match their efforts. By following these steps, factories can create an efficient, effective, and sustainable preventive maintenance plan.

Define Goals

To start, the company should decide what results it needs from a preventive maintenance plan. If the firm needs to save money, those savings could come from minimizing downtime, spare parts expenses, and labor costs, as well as from maximizing per-machine manufacturing time, product quality, and machine lifespans. The best procedures are written by those with an understanding of manufacturer recommendations, and these people evaluate various factors in determining how machines should be serviced.

Efficiently Use Resources

Once the right procedures are written, they must be scheduled and, in most facilities, this entails setting weekly, daily, monthly, and annual events. While not every machine used by a Millwright in Dallas requires daily or even weekly maintenance, most require periodic checkups. If preventive maintenance schedules are set properly, PM downtime is kept to the bare minimum.

Train for Preventive Maintenance

It is absolutely crucial to train staff for preventive maintenance, as it can make the difference between catching a small issue and preventing an expensive repair and missing problems that shut down a production line for days. If minimal downtime is a primary goal, the staff should be taught to prolong the lifespan of the factory’s equipment.

Communicate Openly

The best preventive maintenance program will fail if the facility’s workers do not understand the benefits and work to make the plan successful. While program design is important, proper communication is essential. Workers should know what needs to be done, who will do it, and which standards need to be met. When staff knows that preventive maintenance programs are fluid and continuous improvement is the main goal, they will eventually understand that PM can lessen their work load.

While most facility managers do not think much about maintenance until there’s a serious problem, a solid PM program can minimize inconvenience, downtime, and lost production opportunities. When they Contact us and follow the tips above, facility owners can maximize their opportunities and profits.

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